Moe’s Original BBQ

d3bada_bf75ba9f874276784d5c94171ce7e002.jpg_srz_195_185_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzAtlanta is just one of several locations, located just a few blocks from Atlantic Station that offers an authentic Alabama BBQ experience. The founders of Moe’s met at University of Alabama and instantly became friends having shared interest including BBQ, blues, college football, and whiskey. Moses Day was a local legend in Tuscaloosa that taught them how to fire roast meat. The founders reconnected in 2001 while working at different restaurants in Vail, CO. They decided that they wanted to start their own concept. So they went out and found a single-wide trailer and a 500 gallon diesel barrel which they cut in half and welded to the trailer to start cooking swine. Later, they purchased a 40 foot horse trailer on eBay and converted it to a legal kitchen. They went on to create a roadside BBQ stand on the side of the road in Vail, CO. Knowing they had something special after selling out for 100 consecutive days, they used $7500 to secure a loan to purchase a $32,500 trailer. Ten years later and 26 locations in six states, Moe’s is a successful and growing business selling franchises and still using the same pit in Vail, CO.
Now, their award-winning fire-roasted meats are the talk of the town. Moe’s also offers two unique sauces in addition to Catfish, and a Shrimp Moe-Boy sandwich. All of the restaurants are unique at every location. Moe’s – Atlanta is very casual and fast paced dining with a ‘Southern Comfort’ atmosphere. You can really smell the barbecue before you ever walk in. If you’re a passerby, you might find yourself heading straight for the door, if the line isn’t wrapped around the corner. Some might ask “Does the food taste as good as it smells?” Well that’s a definite “YES.” Some might even say it taste better than it smells. So how do you have BBQ that smells so good, it draws you to the door and when you bite into it, it tastes even better? Every single item on the menu is as good as the next. It’s even harder to decide what you want if you’re a returning customer. My advice is “Try Everything.” It’s rare that you find a restaurant with food that is consistently good all the way around and at every location. They even offer a Full Catering Menu , Perfect for Summer Gatherings. So the next time you’re in Midtown or near the Georgia Tech area, stop by 349 14th Street, Atlanta, GA 30318 to give your taste buds a kick into high gear.​​

By Charles Dyer

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