Tanee Tan Line Corrector

d3bada_c7d2b3ddeef0c7c8df25d17727b73e18.png_srz_193_60_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzComing home with a tan after vacation can be pretty sweet.  That is, until you realize that your new tan lines are showing when you wear your favorite tops.  Tanee Tan Line corrector is meant to be your saving grace by providing “instant bronzing” to camouflage tan lines.  One active ingredient (black walnut extract) is natural, and Tanee allows for multiple applications to deepen the tan.
We tested Tanee and liked the non-chemical, slightly nutty scent, as well as the light texture.  The Tanee stick was shaped like a marker, and we applied and then blended to produce a seamless tanned area.  The consistency was very close to a lip or cheek stain and just as blendable.  Our only scary moment occurred when we applied several layers at once, and for a second we thought our tanned pinkish skin would never blend with the dark brown corrector.  However, the next day we awoke to an even skin tone all over, with nary a tan line in sight.
At just $6 a pop, Tanee is priced lower than many sunless tanners. We’d make our Tanee Tan Line Corrector a pinch-hitter for summer tan line emergencies.

By Kaity Moreira​

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