The Blend Experience​

d3bada_12971cfa17276114da0576b8da56dbc2.png_srz_160_100_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzBlend Custom Parfum Studio is not just a perfume-blending retailer – it’s an experience. Blend Owner Susan Sexton was trained in France to become a Master Blending Artist. At Blend, Sexton uncovers the power of your senses to make the perfect fragrance exclusive to you and your lifestyle. During the blending consultation, be prepared to go through a series of sensory activities. Sexton emphasizes the importance of each element within a fragrance as well as key times to wear them throughout the season to receive the best results each wear.​
Blend also offers the creation of your very own signature products, exclusive designs for celebrities, and private label products as well as the hosting of customized corporate events and private parties/workshops. The workshops are broken up into 1 hour ($200) and 2 hour ($300) sessions including a bottle of perfume that you create and name, which varies in size depending on the session length you have chosen. The complete signature line is $500, which includes, body crème, shower gel, bars of soap, etc.
If you have ever been interested in a high- quality signature perfume and body products, Blend is the place for you. The atmosphere is perfect to attend alone, with your significant other, or a small group of friends. It is truly amazing how each step is taken to create the perfect scent for each guest. Make your own scent with Blend today!

Blend Custom Parfum Studio
2971 N. Fulton Drive Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 202- 5503

By Stephanie Erin McCarty​

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