Patrick T. Cooper

Patrick T Cooper is an Atlanta native who loves life and where he is right now. He is full of limitless creativity and unique approaches. Patrick has an unparalleled advantage for realizing his clients’ message and being able to communicate their brand successfully due to his quick wit and global thought process. Working with clients from all walks of life, Patrick is definitely no stranger to fashion. He has progressed from fashion stylist, to fashion editor and then creative director.
He dictates very firmly that the idea of fashion styling has been misconstrued by a lot of people claiming to be a stylist but have no idea of what it requires and it discredits the craft. He has taken the time out to study just a little bit more than the next person and when somebody takes on the same title without the knowledge behind them, it frustrates him to know that he has specialized in fashion and not just taken a title for namesake. He didn’t ask to style celebrities, the celebrities asked him. Patrick has worked for Diddy and styled other clients such as T.I. Robin Meade, 3 Doors Down, Fantasia, Shaq and Shaunie O’Neal, Rickey Smiley and Rita Dove. Now, his new found passion is creating an era in fashion to make women feel good about themselves so that they can wear the clothes and not have the clothes wear them.
In 2009, Patrick launched a creative firm here in Atlanta dedicated to his designing his swimwear line and also offering solutions to industry leaders by streamlining their online presence, product packaging and overall messaging. He strives for perfection and is looking to open several storefronts but has yet to debut his swimwear line on the runways. Focused on building his brand, he is not one to care for the fanfare but concerns himself with the fortune and claiming his return on investments.
Patrick’s Resort Swimwear collection stands vast yet he has no favorite piece because he thinks of them as his children. He says the one-piece Snow Leopard would stand out to represent the collection and also photographs the best as the Polka Dot is “picture shy”.  The theme for his collection this year was Classic Luxury: Being Sexy But Covered. I must say, he did an excellent job in doing so. The 2014 collection is on the way but it will be an extension of 2013. So if you’re looking for a swimsuit this season, check out and Live In Color.

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