GMA Sneak Peek: Dallas Roe Tutus


Atlanta Bites of Style had a chance to catch up with designer Dallas Roe of Miss Priss Tutus, whose designs were featured in the pre-GMA Fashion Show.

Q: When did you make the first tutu?

I made my first tutu when my oldest, now 7, was 1. I wanted a picture of her by our Christmas tree wearing a tutu. I couldn’t find the tutu I had in my vision, so I made one.

Q: How much tulle does an average tutu take?

Each amount of tulle varies from one tutu to the next, depending on the size.

Q: Who can wear a Miss Priss tutu?

We make tutus for infants up to adults, anybody can wear our tutu! We make them for children, school dances, weddings, fashion shows, modeling comp cards, etc.

Q. What’s your favorite Miss Priss style? My favorite adult costume is one that’s being featured at the Fashion Show. My favorite child tutu is anything that’s pink! You can never go wrong with pink! Q: What’s your advice to an adult wearing a tutu?

My advice to any adult wearing our tutu is to have fun with it! Tutus are frilly, poofy and fun! You’re never too old to wear a tutu! Put on your tutu and wear it with confidence. All of our tutus are handmade, so there will never be anything exactly like your tutu. That’s a big reason girls come to us for Prom Dresses.

Q: Do you wear the tutus? I sure do! I seize any opportunity to wear a tutu! Q: What are three distinguishing characteristics of your company? Great customer service, celebrity clients, fashionable tutus with affordable pricing. My company was featured on Good Morning America last October, has been in Vogue magazines, on tv shows, and in movies. We are a celebrity endorsed company. Q. Where should someone never wear a tutu? There isn’t a bad place to wear a tutu. Maybe the potty? Q. The best music to dance to in a tutu: You can dance wearing a tutu to any music. I love the bands being featured at the GMA’s. Q. And lastly, What can we expect at the GMA fashion show? At the fashion show, you can expect to see great music, fabulous designs and high energy. The models are all gorgeous that are wearing my designs, and I’m excited to debut new design on the runway! When you put on a tutu, you can’t help but smile and twirl! It’s the power of the tutu and tulle.

By Kaity Moreira

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