A Rockstar Circus

rclogoIf you’ve never heard of the GMAs or Georgia Music Awards, it’s time to get in the know. Even better, next year be sure to check out all the pre- and post-events like this year’s Rockstar Circus, produced by Bristow & Company and Stella Entertainment.  Billed as “Part Fashion Show. Part Rock Concert. All Circus.” this live event took place on Friday June 7 at St. Andrews in Buckhead.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but this show had a variety and diversity of performances that were a feast for the eyes and ears.

The show kicked off with a special performance by The Starlets in all of their singing and dancing splendor.  Then host Mike Waller took the stand and comedy, music and fashion began to intertwine in the rest of the evening’s events.  Music numbers by guitarist Justin Cain, Liz Lauren, The Roycrofters (my personal favorite) and Angela Reign contributed the “Rock” factor.  The music was punctuated by fashion shows by local designers, namely Dallas Roe of Miss Priss Tutus and Tracy Fowler of Victoria Velvet. The combination of music and fashion kept the audience engaged and moving to the beats. The night went by quickly and was followed by an after-party.

By Kaity Moreira

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