Its Time For Tea​ ​

d3bada_bf21b51ec7cadb16c134960df9b2ce44.png_srz_155_135_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzCozy up with a warm cup of Chaidon’s Organic Tea with “Immune Boosting herbs.  This caffeine-free tea is a great nightcap.  It has a light, mellow flavor that is tasty all on its own, and the 15 different herbs are soothing for the stomach and calming for the mind.

​Chaidon’s Original: Boost the Immune System blend is a myriad of herbs and spices:

Cinnamon Bark: May control blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes
Rosemary: May improve memory
Peppermint: May soothe an upset stomach
Turmeric: May reduce inflammation
Ginger: May help with digestion
Red Beet: May relieve constipation
Cumin: May benefit digestive disorders
Fennel: May protect stomach lining
Clove: May soothe a sore throat
Rose Petal: May tone the skin
Lemongrass: May help detoxify the liver
Orange Peel: May lower bad cholesterol (LDL)
Parsley: May help with kidney function
Garlic: May support against some bacterial infections
Thyme:  May relieve coughs

After consistently drinking Chaidon’s tea before bed, I woke up feeling refreshed, and my skin looked more hydrated, and although the springtime pollen has me in a fog on some days, I felt less affected by it.
Consuming herbs and spices regularly can help prevent diseases. Start adding more  herbs  and  spices  to  your  food  and  making time  for  tea,  and bring a little flavor back into your life!

by Hannah Rose Broom

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