Mary Kay Satin Hands

d3bada_35abf89457520295151b6c5c7b0abfd8.jpg_srz_145_145_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzGive your hands a break. We are constantly using our hands; try to think of a situation in which you are truly hands free. I bet you can’t! So, give your hands a treat with Mary Kay Satin Hands. This is a two-step, luxury hand-care system.

1) Gently exfoliate your hands and wrists with the satin smoothie hand scrub.

2) Lather your hands with the silky hand cream.

The skin on our hands shows our age, forming fines lines over the years as does the delicate skin around our eyes. By gently removing dead skin cells and stimulating the veins and capillaries with healing touch, we save our hands! Satin Hands smoothie scrub buffs the rough patches on our hands and wrists, helping smooth the skin. The hand cream is rich and non-greasy. The skin quickly absorbs all the nutrients and remains plump and soft.

The beauty of the Mary Kay Satin Hands is that it is an affordable hand cream and can be purchased from your best friend or a neighbor down the street! It’s so convenient, you have to try this it. Go pamper your hands; they do so much for you!

By Hannah Rose Broom

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