Pür Minerals

d3bada_9b839b9b2fbf4a9c60bb40566d13634a.jpg_srz_150_60_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzPür Minerals’ Color Correction Cream is a lightweight, tinted moisturizer that “protects, perfects, and color corrects.” This multi-tasking cream is an all in one moisturizer, brightener, primer concealer, and SPF foundation and still remains plant-based and silicone free.  The color complexion corrector can be worn both alone and dusted with powder; either finish makes the skin look flawless. Personally, I noticed that my skin overtime became more even toned, showing fewer imperfections. I felt as though my skin regained some its elasticity and brightness. With Summer just around the corner, Pür Color Correction Cream is a perfect way to “protect, perfect and color correct” while still enjoying the Sun!


By Hannah Rose Broom

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