Republic of Couture

roclogoMore than simply a boutique, or a mini department store, Republic of Couture defines itself as not only a destination for today’s trendsetters but also an excellent source of personalized service for the fashionable and stylish, high-end customer. Unlike its competitors, the limited quantity of six to ten pieces per style allows their valued customers to never feel like just another face in the crowd. This revolutionary idea allows for constant product turnover, so even the most discerning fashionista is certain to find something they’ll love EVERY time they visit. Gaston Garcia, owner and visionary for the company, came to America at the age of nineteen. He began his American dream as a door-to-door security system salesman, and worked his way from sales, to sales manager, to district manager, and finally to director of sales. As a youngster, Gaston worked in a shopping center and knew that one day he wanted to develop a unique fashion store concept. The announcement of his seventh store as well as a modern E-commerce site, is a true reflection of his commitment and dedication to his vision, aspirations and general business acumen.

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