Swank at Shops Around Lenox

d3bada_a12d68713b4a50eb4eebb415208e6286.jpg_srz_145_153_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzThe warm weather has arrived and it’s important to find the best pieces to implement into your seasonal wardrobe. For exclusivity, boutique shopping should become your go-to method when searching for those unforgettable and often timeless items. There are many boutiques in the Atlanta area, but one in particular stands out because of their broad product offerings. The boutique is called Swank and is located conveniently in Shops Around Lenox.

Swank sells a great range of summer clothing, from dresses, vests, swimwear, rompers, and tees to the many jewelry, handbags, and accessories they carry as well. Swankhas a private label, but other brands they sell include a number of well-known and independent clothing and jewelry designers. The colors of their highlighted items sparked my interest. Hot pinks, neon yellows, electric blues and lime greens are all hot colors this season and featured designers such as Alexis show this well.

Swank is a great boutique to shop quality apparel for women of all ages. The key to building your seasonal wardrobe is to have a good balance between classic and trendy pieces that are equally versatile in the event you want to wear them next season. This is the perfect retailer for your apparel and accessory needs.

By Stephanie Erin McCarty

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