The Newton Wall Unveiled at DEKA ​

d3bada_45e5f8c9f92b16a2e7988ac4c102452a.jpg_srz_188_140_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzOn the evening of Wednesday May 1, the rainy weather didn’t prevent fans from joining DEKA for the opening of their Newton Wall.  Guests sipped on drinks, coconut water, and pressed juices while shopping and mingling to the beats of the DJ.  Newton footwear founder Danny Abshire was on hand, giving running tips and answering questions, and DEKA owner Jim Whitlow led the party with raffles and giveaways.
DEKA was one of the first stores to carry the innovative Newtons (named after Isaac Newton), a running shoe designed to help you run faster, more efficiently, and with fewer injuries.  The shoes are made to encourage natural running, so forget “pounding the pavement” and enjoy movement that is more “intuitive, relaxed, and less stressful.”  Sound like a contradiction?  Ever since Newton’s inception, Danny has been teaching people to run differently, and the DEKA event was no exception.  As we watched Danny demonstrate proper running form, his movements were light, almost effortless, and he had a real spring to his step.
We were doubtful that a shoe could make much of a difference, but when we tried on the Newtons, we actually felt like running!  The shoes were light and incredibly easy to move in, and the bright colors added even more cheer to this eye-opening experience.  The signature lugs at the bottom helped us feel the ground and push off, and we bounced around the room in our Newtons, hardly believing how easy running could be.
Newtons are available in a variety of colors and styles, including ones for serious running as well as “lifestyle” a.k.a. day-to-day use.  They are only available at specialty stores, and DEKA has the biggest Newton selection in the Atlanta area.  We predict that these shoes will soon be on everyone’s radar, along with the “natural running” that they promote.

By Kaity Moreira

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