Paul Lange Photography

Paul Lange-2Paul Lange is an acclaimed photographer whose work has graced the pages of Vogue, Elle, GQ, and Glamour just to name a few. Recently he hosted a reception for the opening of his exhibition Big Blooms at the Hagedorn Foundation Gallery in Atlanta. Big Blooms is a part of his 50 Acres Project, one that he has been working on for six years. Each portrait showcases a single flower in various stages of bloom, from just opening buds to fully open blossoms. Roses,peonies, poppies, and irises all get the same treatment, showcasing the flowers at their absolute best. Lange lights the flowers as he does hishuman subjects, setting them against a white background so that all their colors and textures leap off the page. The result is simply stunning. Lange gets his inspiration and subject matter from his neighbor Zeze’s country estate, a renowned Manhattan florist. He picks the flowers in the early morning before carrying them back to his studio where they are sorted to look for interesting shapes and colors. The flowers are photographed in stages over several days so that he is able to capture them at their most beautiful. It is an intensive process, but one that produces amazing results.The opening reception was a success, giving patrons a chance to chat with the world renowned photographer. Lange was very open and more than willing to discuss his work with guests. There was a good crowd in attendance, with a number of people coming and going throughout the event. While Lange has now gone back to his New York studio, the art of Big Blooms remains here in Atlanta for the summer. Hagedorn Foundation Gallery will be showing his work from now until Aug. 15. Gallery tours are available by appointment only. For more information visit

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