Bourbon Bar Introduces New Private Label Barrels

Bourbon Bar is raising a glass to the release of three new private label barrel selections. Adding to its existing trio of exclusive labels including Jefferson’s, Four Roses and Buffalo Trace, Bourbon Bar is thrilled to introduce barrels from Woodford Reserve and Old Forester to the collection, with Heaven Hill Select joining in late spring. All barrels were hand selected with the help of the master distillers at each location. The Woodford Reserve selection is a blend of two barrels and boasts a bubblyflavor with hints of honey, while the Old Forester selection is a full-bodied mixing bourbon with tastes of vanilla and caramel. The most exclusive of the three new selections, Heaven Hill Select’s private barrels are nearly 150 proof and offer a surprisingly smooth flavor with touches of honey, bread, vanilla and caramel. Bourbon Bar is the only property in the U.S. with this private barrel, and only 17 can be found worldwide. For more information, please visit

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