Baby Pibu™, First Dermatologist Mom-Created Baby Skincare Line, Launched March 1, 2014

Baby Pibu™, the first dermatologist mom-created skincare line developed specifically for infants, launched March 1, 2014. Developed by board-certified dermatologist mom Dr. Amy Kim, Baby Pibu™’s all-inclusive Newborn Essentials Skincare Kit features 10 luxury products to care for, protect and treat infant skin, along with step-by-step physician instructions and special tips on infant skincare that are just what the doctor mom ordered.

A mother of two young children, Dr. Amy found herself both overwhelmed by the choices of skincare products on the market and frustrated by the lack of accessible information available for new parents. To help other parents, she developed a visionary skincare line that offers premier products as well as straightforward, applicable advice for parents. With Baby Pibu™, Dr. Amy seeks to not only treat babies but also teach their parents

“From my experiences as a mom, it was important to come up with a practical and approachable product to offer new parents as an easy choice among the clutter of options out there,” said Dr. Amy. “The market was oversaturated with products, yet under saturated with information, so Baby Pibu™ strives to solve both problems.”

At the center of the Baby Pibu™ product line is the Newborn Essentials Skincare Kit which was born out of Dr. Amy’s signature baby shower gift for her friends. It features several premium items new parents need to care for and nourish their baby’s delicate skin. Additionally, it provides easy-to-follow instructions for care and treatment which are part of a collaboration with celebrated parenting consultants, Moms on Call™. The Newborn Essentials Skincare Kit includes:

  • Pibu’s™ Bathtime Wash  – Two-in-one tear-free hair and body cleanser
  • Pibu’s™ Baby Butter  – Moisturizing skin cream
  • Hydrating Ointment  – Intensive hydration for chapped, dry and eczema-prone skin
  • Bottom Balm – Skin protection from diaper rash
  • Baby Sunscreen – Broad spectrum SPF 30+ PABA-free sun protection
  • Rash Relief – Relief for inflamed dry skin and eczema breakouts
  • Intensive Bottom Relief – Soothing ointment to treat diaper rash
  • Gentle Scalp Lather – Wash to relieve oily patches and dry flakes and treat cradle cap symptoms
  • Safety 1st Soft Bristle Brush – Recommended for a daily bath time routine
  • Complete Doctor’s Instructions for Care – Step-by-step instructions and special tips on infant skincare, including when to call the doctor for skin ailments

The Newborn Essentials Skincare Kit retails for $100, and individual products are also sold separately in full-sized bottles. The skincare gift set is more than just luxurious products; the stylish packaging doubles as a keepsake box, making it an elegant accessory for any nursery. For additional assistance for sleep-deprived parents, the color-coded bottles coincide with Baby Pibu’s™ color coded instructions. All products are stamped with an icon dividing them into three categories of care:

  • Daily Care  – Products to be used on a daily basis to care for and nurture skin
  • Protect – Products to prevent common newborn skin ailments and protect babies from the elements
  • Treat – Products specifically created to treat specific skin conditions

Each one of Baby Pibu’s naturally-derived ingredients have been thoroughly thought through and meticulously scrutinized by a panel of doctors. Several items have received recognition and endorsements by various national healthcare organizations including the National Eczema Association (Pibu’s™ Bathtime Wash, Baby Butter and Hydrating Ointment) and The Skin Cancer Foundation (Baby Sunscreen SPF 30+). In addition to high-quality products, Baby Pibu™ also provides education for parents through collaborations and classes.

Baby Pibu™ products are available to purchase nationwide at several upscale boutiques including Belles & Beaus in Oxford, Miss., baby braithwaite in Atlanta, Ga., Creter’s in Macon, Ga. , Snap N Turtle in Monticello, Ga., Fairytales Bookstore in Nashville, Tenn., Zokenz Couture in Alamo Tenn., ParkGate Home, Menlo Park, Calif.,Bohemian Crafts Company in Wyndmoor, Pa., Gretchen’s in Atlanta Ga., Charley Burl’s in Linden, Ala., Always & Forever Baby in Lawrenceville, Ga., Kiddie Shoppe in Columbus, Ga., Giggles in Decatur, Ill., Jack n’ Jill in Homewood, Ala.,, The Littlest Details in Avon, OH,, Monogram Lady in Austin, TX, Pinstripes and Polka Dots in Perry, Fla., and William and Grace in Asheville, N.C. as well as online at To learn more information about Baby Pibu™ or purchase products, visit the, call 800.948.3631 or connect on Facebook.

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