PodPonics Announces the Official Launch of Lettuce Buy Local

PodPonics, an innovative leader in urban salad-mix production, announces the official launch of its first consumer product, Lettuce Buy Local. The delicate mix of greens is pesticide free, kosher, non-GMO and conveniently comes washed and ready-to-eat. Sustainably grown in Atlanta, Lettuce Buy Local offers consumers superior produce that is more nutrient-dense and eco-friendly as lettuce is packaged and delivered within hours of harvest.

“The goal of PodPonics has always been to improve local communities through sustainable urban farming technology,” said Matt Liotta,PodPonics founder and CEO. “With the official launch of Lettuce Buy Local, we are providing tangible results as Atlantans now have a better choice for readily available, fresh and flavorful lettuce.”

Packaged in a 5-ounce clamshell container, the fresh and flavorful product is currently available in two mix varieties: Green Mix with green romaine and green lollo, and Encore Mix with green romaine, green lollo and red lollo. Both product varieties are sold in select Whole Foods and Kroger locations throughout Atlanta and in the surrounding suburbs. 10-ounce packages of each variety are coming soon to stores.

As a genuine advocate for the local food movement, Lettuce Buy Local is a weekly vendor at several Atlanta market locations, including the Decatur, Piedmont Park, Georgia Tech, East Atlanta and Grant Park Farmer’s Markets. Both the Encore Mix and Green Mix are available in 5-and-10-ounce clamshell packages at each market. For more information on store locations, in-store product demonstrations and news, follow Lettuce Buy Local on Facebook.

PodPonics anticipates additional Atlanta grocers and markets in their distribution plan for 2014 and continued growth of globally based farming efforts.

With a strategic team of industry experts and leaders, along with the promise of expanded farming capabilities for Atlanta, PodPonics is beginning to operate on a global scale. As part of its sustained growth model, the company is actively building urban farm locations internationally. Its second farm is under construction in Dubai and subsequent farms are expected in other countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

About PodPonics

PodPonics is the future of farming. The Atlanta-based company answers the growing consumer demand for local food by producing it in urban centers, using an approach that does not require arable land. PodPonics utilizes a proprietary system that integrates advanced hydroponics, proprietary lighting, irrigation and nutrient technology with process control. Their growing system eliminates pesticides, reduces cost, improves product quality and creates local jobs while answering the strong and growing demand for locally produced, natural foods.

The PodPonics approach to next-generation urban agriculture provides a number of advantages over traditional farming, including year-round crop production, much higher crop density, predictable results and the elimination of crop failures caused by weather or pests. PodPonics meets these goals using far less water and oil than traditional agriculture, without employing harmful pesticides. The benefits of the approach include providing a healthy, natural product grown in a controlled environment at or near the point of consumption. For more information on PodPonics growing technology or crops, please visit www.podponics.com.

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